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I wouldnt have anypuppy else steal my food

Vaneda is the best friend and cousin I could ever ask for and was the person who helped me the most with my dog’s passing. Thank you so much, V. posted: July 15th • 1:32
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Poor quality phone picture of some pins that I’ll be making for AX! I won’t be there until the free hours, but you can pick them up at my cousins table. (F23)  posted: July 2nd • 15:06
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posted: June 29th • 2:42
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started jokingly shipping novakaine and now my life is in ruins posted: June 23rd • 6:24
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friendly reminder tumblr updated their terms of service, and that it is now against tumblr’s terms of service to repost something without a full link back to the original (lines 86-90 if you want their exact wording)

i’ve only had one thing reposted that i was aware of, but if any of you guys have this happen a lot you can now officially report it and have tumblr take stuff down if people refuse to link to you!

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